Monday, August 30, 2010

this is the officially most suckiest birthday year ever, here's the sucky list of the suckiest things that happened on the suckiest day

1. super hot day & i sweated like shit
2. i wasnt in malaysia, i was in this stupid country called China
3. my purse was stolen with RM200+ in it
4. my luggage was stolen with all my souvenirs in it + my PSP
5. my mom wasnt really bothered with me
6. visited boring places
7. shitty lunch
8. worse dinner
11. pass 12am and not a single present
12. i hate China
13. stupid China
14. did i mention i hate China?
15. fuck China

I'm never gonna go China again, why does my birthday have to be celebrated in China fuck it

sad thing is, no presents D: i hate my birthday now

Sunday, June 27, 2010

wow, my blog died there for a while x)

just 1 previous post i was blogging bout going bk to CC during easter,
now i'm bk in Msia again for the summer XD
time do pass fast..

hmm i'm finding stuff to blog about so i'll just find random stuff

my brother is currently plying L4D2 beside me with his fren..cheat cheat cheat the whole way
pff wats the fun then if u keep cheating...

there's a digital calculator on my RHS..

i'm staring at my phone on my LHS

theres a small scissors on my RHS in front of the dig. cal.

the wires around my laptop makes it looks like its gonna tangle up my com

i hate the bkground music of L4D2..

OOO now i hear online ppl plying on L4D2..

oh well :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do not say, “It is morning,” and dismiss it with a name of yesterday.

See it for the first time as a new-born child that has no name.

The best does not come alone. It comes with the company of the all.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to normal school days...

Back to normal waking up early days...

Back to normal washing up,
dressing up,
walking up to classes,
getting tired in btwn classes days...

Back to usual sucky CC food,
taking sandwiches asap during lunch,
'steal' as much fruits as possible days x) ...

Back to usual Saturday test on Saturday morning...

Back to only going out to town on Wednesdays & Saturdays...

Back to jogging on the tracks early morning...

Back to missing home & being homesick all over again D: ...

...this is why i didnt want to go home in Msia at first,
but being influenced by other class & housemates
i decided to go back on a last minute decision...

BUT the good thing is..

Back to seeing CC awesome friends...

Back to seeing Dr Wild's cute funny face with his beard,
not to mention his 'fragrant' odour x| ...

Back to running & waking up late for tutor registrations...

Back to running to lunch/dinner, especially dinner,
while making sure no teacher sees us...

Back to helping Averyl, Julie, Natalie, Hui Cin, Serena and my other housemates
pick up laundry on Mondays...

Back to 'fighting' with Michael,
altho we always schedule a time but didnt work out...

Back to studying in Library but ended up chit chatting with the others...

Back to helping Julie, Pawara steal bananas if the dining hall has..

Back to cursing the old lady in the dining hall bout how kiam siap and slow she is...

Back to asking Natalie & Julie to help me steal pears x) ...

Back to helping Jasper steal as much Blueberry muffins as possible...

Back to cursing on a Boys-early-supper week...

Back to sharing food with the others...

Back to sharing awesome delicious chocolates and apricots with Nat in her room at night...

Back to being the short kid & leaned against on by Ken & Shane again...

Back to decide whether to order Bamboo or not...

Back to cursing the wind (if there is)...

Back to sharing gossips with Averyl & Serena...

there are other wonderful happy times in CC & i'm looking forward to it, hoping to put my homesickness aside...

and by the time we all know, it'll be summer hols and all of us will go back home again :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

back to back movies today :D

both are equally good, i mean VERY good

I love this part XD

was tad bit confusing at 1st but it gets clearer as it processes

i expected When In Rome to be better than Shutter Island,
but turned out the latter was a bit better,
but both still awesome,
really worth watching :)

i find Josh Duhamel quite eye catching ;P
so handsome bah! x)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I visited Kuro yesterday :D

the moment i parked outside,
switched off my car engine,
I can already hear him barking!
so cutteeeeee

went in with my bro,
greeted by Shannen and her family,
of course i gave them some snacks & yummy chocolates from UK haha!

Kuro cant stop licking my toes
and jumping around like a maniac,
he wasnt that hyper last time when he was with me x)

& oh my gosh does his fur looks dam smooth and nice,
he's like a fur ball !!
floating fur ball !!
omg omg omg Kuro's SO dam cute!

Angel (their Shis Tzu) was soooo cutteee too!
haha her HUGE eyes really caught me,
but she looked lazy and tired and they say its her usual self x)

Angel's a year older than Kuro,
since May 2nd is Kuro's bday
he'll b 3 years old this year :)

..when Uncle Lee called for Hero,
well his new name since he went over
and he seems to be responding to Hero instead of Kuro
but i dun mind at all :D.....
Kuro doesnt seem to bother him
but just sit beside me licking me in every possible way...

OH but when uncle Lee calls for Angel and she walks over,
Kuro gets jealous and runs to Uncle Lee
making sure he gets the 'sayang' 1st instead of Angel
how rude of Kuro!

after getting adored Kuro runs back to me again XD

so this process kinda goes on and on and on...
til Kuro was tired and just laid on the carpet leaning against my legs,

same goes for Angel,
she just hid underneath a wooden chair,
leaning against the legs of the chair below Aunty Michelle

SNACK TIME! well dog biscuits actually...
Angel had really good appetite
whereas Kuro is more of a less snacky dog but he still snacks..

Angel kept staring at my hands holding the biscuit,
both large sparkling eyes following the biscuit
her expression was so dam funny & cute!

Kuro kept jumping up and down,
standing sitting standing sitting...

they did a few tricks i told them to and i gave them the biscuit
& heres the interesting part...
like srsly swallows them!
...& y didnt i believed this when Janice told me XD

and Kuro was still munching and biting his biscuit while Angel already had her 2nd and 3rd...
swallowing every biscuit thru her way haha!

we took a few pics and this time Kuro manage to stay still,
not like the past he always move around like he's got ADHD or sth..

i really cant wait to come back and visit him again during the summer hols
Spring! u better end faster! >:|

Friday, April 9, 2010

sleeping from 1am - 6am

then from 8+am - 1+pm

after that, if lucky, tho usually, 4+pm - 7pm

..and it goes on and on and on and on...

its not jet lag,
just me and my precious sleepiness :)